Hi, I'm David Stanley, a digital designer/developer from Dublin, Ireland. My work focuses on traversing the line between traditional print, digital (UI/UX) design & development.

I always strive to push the boundaries within digital while maintaining a constant awareness of usability. My design decisions are rooted in a fundamental understanding of your users needs that is garnered from real research.

I am currently Head of Digital at Red Dog, a design studio in Dublin, where I lead everything digital for clients of all shapes and sizes.

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 Dublin Design Institute

Dublin Design Institute

Project Date 2022
Disicpline Development
Project Team

Completed with Al Murphy, Elena Stevant & Paula McEntee at Red Dog

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Dublin Design Institute (formerly Dublin Institute of Design) offers Accessible, flexible pathways to quality accredited design courses. Working with Al Murhpy we created a website that reflects this accessibility and flexibility through engaging visuals and strong user interactions, with a focus on quality and impact.

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